Keynote Speaker

Dr. Zhaolin Liu

Dr. Zhaolin Liu

Principal Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE),
A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research), Republic of Singapore

Speech Title: Nanostructured Materials for Next Generation Li-ion Batteries, Metal-air Batteries and Fuel Cells

Abstract: Nanostructured materials are currently of interest for batteries and fuel cells because of their high surface area, novel size effects, significantly enhanced kinetics, and so on. The presentation will describe some our works in nanostructured anode and cathode materials for next generation lithium-ion batteries, especially in silicon/carbon composites by nano silica and carbon-modified nano-silicon particles as anode materials. This modification coating layer composes of the disperse nano-carbon matrix and nano SiO2. The nano-SiO2 layer can avoid volume expansion and contraction and keep the structural perfection of the electrode materials. This could also avoid the subsidiary reactions usually happening between electrolyte and silicon particles and prevent the crack of the coating layer. The carbon crosslinked network can enhance the silicon/carbon composite electrode conductivity. The presentation will also discuss how to further develop electrode materials, electrolyte, electrode formulation, battery design engineering in Li-ion batteries.

The presentation will also give a brief introduction for our research works on nanostructured electrocatalysts as air electrode for metal-air batteries, as well as nanostructured transition metal and alloy-based electrocatalysts for fuel cells.

Biography: Dr. Liu Zhaolin is a Principal Scientist at Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore. He was a Senior Group Head of Battery Development & Engineering. His current research interest includes design, synthesis, and structural studies of energy storage materials and development of novel nanostructured materials which are suitable to be applied in Li-ion, metal-air batteries and fuel cells (including catalyst and membrane). He has published more than 240 research papers in refereed scientific journals and received a total citation of more than 23,000 with h-index of 83. He is ranked as world top 2 % scientists (Energy) by Stanford University and highly cited researcher by Clarivate.