Invited Speaker

Dr. Zakhar Kudrynskyi

Dr. Zakhar Kudrynskyi

Research Fellow, the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Speech Title: The Rise of 2D Indium Selenide: a Novel van der Waals Material for Electronics and Optoelectronics

Abstract: Atomically thin layers of van der Waals crystals and their heterostructures, generally called as two-dimensional (2D) materials, have attracted enormous interest for nearly two decades now. Following the discovery of graphene, the first known truly 2D crystal, there has been a constant search for novel related materials to enrich the library of 2D compounds with new properties. Most attention has been focused on graphene itself, as well as semiconducting crystals of transition metal dichalcogenides and wide-gap insulator hexagonal boron nitride. However, during the recent years an exciting and rapidly growing development in the family of 2D materials involves indium selenide (InSe). This semiconducting crystal has a bandgap energy that increases markedly with decreasing layer thickness, enabling fabrication of devices with high broad-band photoresponsivity. In addition, it has a relatively low mass conduction band electrons and high electron mobility even in atomically thin films, larger than in silicon-based field effect transistors.
This talk reviews my recent research on this new 2D semiconductor. From the fundamental studies of 2D layers and heterostructures to the demonstration of prototype devices, I will discuss how this system can provide a platform for scientific investigations and new routes to ultra-thin electronics and optoelectronics, including high mobility field effect transistors and hybrid multi-layered structures for quantum metrology and photosensing [1-5].

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[5] Buckley et al., Advanced Functional Materials, 2008967 (2021).

Keywords: 2D crystals, InSe, van der Waals heterostructures, Quantum effects.

Biography: Dr. Zakhar Kudrynskyi is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom). He received his Ph.D. degree in Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics from the Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NAS of Ukraine (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) in 2014. In 2015 he moved to the United Kingdom to continue his research on layered semiconductors at the University of Nottingham. His research interests are focused on 2D materials, van der Waals heterostructures and nanofabrication of functional devices, with the recent research covering topics as diverse as giant quantum Hall effects, tuneable band structures, light emission, photosensing and thermal conductivity in atomically thin layers. He has published >80 refereed journal papers, including highly cited articles in Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Physical Review Letters etc., leading to >1800 citations and h-index of 15 (February 2021). He has also given 5 invited talks at international scientific meetings and conferences.